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LED Dice - Talking Electronics  
Consequently we have called the project LED DICE WITH SLOW DOWN. ... It
comprises two building blocks: a 555 oscillator and a transistor slow-down circuit.
LED DICE (with Slow Down) Circuit - 555 Timer Circuits  
This circuit produces a random number from 1 to 6 on LEDs that are similar to the
pips on the side of a dice. When the two TOUCH WIRES are touched with a ...
Electronic Digital Dice using 555 Timer Circuit - Electronics Hub  
17 May 2013 ... Here is the circuit diagram of Digital Dice with LEDs which is unbiased. There is
no chance to cheat others as the circuit operates at high speed ...
Help with 555 based LED electronic dice?!? - Yahoo Answers  
Where is the parts list from the link and how you knew it used 555 ? The whole
circuit was a dumb design and many unless parts were used.
47 projects to do with a 555! - Instructables  
These are a whole bunch of things to make with the 555 timer IC with a note for ...
LED-Dice.gif ..... This circuit drives a 3x3x3 cube consisting of 27 white LEDs.
Electronic Dice - PCB Heaven  
31 Dec 2009 ... The dice is then 'rolled' until the button is released and the 555 stops sending
pulses. This circuit can operate with any voltage from 5 to 15 volts. ... You can use
the Dr.Calculus LED resistor calculator to find the resistor ...
Electronic Dice Project. - 555 Timer.  
Electronic Dice Schematic. dice. The letters under each LED relate to where ... is
connected for Astable Operation, the clock pulses are fed to the 4017 IC via the ...
CK900 - LED DICE WITH SLOWDOWN - Carl's Electronic Kits  
the usual LED dice circuit which just stops after the ... turned ON and the 555
starts to oscillate. ... are using the first six outputs from the 14017 labelled Oo to
Electronic Dice using 555 timer - YouTube  
12 Dec 2012 ... It is uses 555 timer, 4012 counter and 7 LEDs to randomly light up 1-6 LEDs. ...
led knight rider circuit diagram using 4017 and 555 ic's.mp4 by ...
555 Timer Circuits | Electronic Circuits & Schematics Based on ...  
These 555 Timer Circuits/Projects are described with detailed description, video,
and the components required for making the circuit. ... This is very simple game in
this 10 LED's are moving in a random fashion. ... Electronic Dice Circuit.
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