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As a result, devadasis were left without their traditional means of support and ....
Bharatnatyam is commonly propagated as a very ancient dance tradition ...
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1 Etymology; 2 Dance tradition; 3 Essential ideas .... which was publicly criticized
by Balasaraswati and other representatives of the traditional devadasi culture.
5) Social Reform and the Disenfranchisement of Devadasis  
Devadasis always held a somewhat ambiguous place in South Indian society,
and ... religion, the dance was crowned with the Sanskrit name “Bharatanatyam.
... The Dance Traditions of Thanjavur and Courtly Patronage of Devadasi Dance;
The devadasi tradition gradually degraded. Initially, devadasis lead a very strict
and celibate life and were not allowed to have a family. As the dance entered the
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3 May 2008 ... The dance of the devadasi was integral to the ritual worship. ... This is not to say
that the tradition of Bharatanatyam was static from the time of ...
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Bharatanatyam is a traditional dance-form known for its grace , purity, ...
Devadasi- who danced in front of the deity or in the temple premises during
Bharatanatyam dance - Keepers of tradition: Art and folk Heritage in ...  
Apprentice Amudha Pazhanisamy performing, Bharatanatyam dance, ... comes
from a long line of Bharatanatyam dancers within the Devadasi tradition, a Hindu
The Devadasi Video Mystery Solved! Gujarat and its Bharatanatyam ...  
30 Sep 2012 ... While browsing the Bharatanatyam module on Wesleyan University's
Accelerated Motion .... Nityasumangali: Devadasi Tradition in South India.
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27 Jun 2007 ... Traditionally the dance was performed by Devadasis (community of ..... doing and
maintaing our traditions and cultures in their palaces but in ...
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16 Nov 2009 ... Bharatanatyam used to be and is still mostly performed by women dancers. The
Hindu ... The devadasi tradition gradually degraded. Initially ...
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